EICON - Enhancing inclusion capacity of educational organisations / institutions providing VET with information and communication technologies (ICT)

About the project

Find here some background information on this project and the partners who joined forces to work together.


This what is happening with regard to activities at any time during the project's lifetime.


Over the 24 months project duration, a number of results will be elaborated. Have a look for details.

Get involved in the discussions

EICON has chosen a participatory approach to involve a wider audience in the creation of results:

  1. Partners develop draft results
  2. You can comment, revise, add points relevant from your point of view
  3. EICON consolidates the results
  4. Results are published at the website

For each of the seven topics that the project will focus upon, this procedure will be applied. So there will be plenty of opportunities for you to contribute and shape the results such that they fit better your every day needs and requirements.

Our EICON consultation platform is ready for you - get involved so the results will better fit your needs!